Quality in Research and Education of the Digital Citizen


DIGI-MED includes digital tools of analysis, measurement and self-evaluation of digital competencies/capabilities in digital education. The measurement of digital competences is a strategic asset for education; it refers to communication and digital literacy ad it is applicable to the educational orientation activities for different institutions (schools, universities, business companies, associations, etc.). These tools may be used to guarantee the effectiveness of training courses through smart systems that are able to self-evaluate the profiles of users before and after the educational course.



- Software to support the activities for modeling indicators and descriptors of the digital competences.


- Software for analysis and survey of digital competences with maps and declaratories.


- On line software for the management of the evaluation processes (self-evaluation, orientation, assessment) of digital competences.



- Need analysis, test of variables of the system and of the governance, preparatory activities for the instructional design of e-learning and blended-learning methodologies.


- Consulting and supporting for the application of EQF criteria in the education field of public and private organizations.


- Consulting and development of digital competences maps in the selection and in the development HR for public and private organizations


- Digital education training courses
















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