Quality in Research and Education of the Digital Citizen

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DIGIZEN releases QuTE



QuTE is an on line environment to collect, elaborate and show information on:

- Didactical activities of an educational design.

- Features of the process output.

- Evaluation outcomes.

- Variables to calculate the index of effectiveness.

- Variables to check the quality criteria.

DIGIZEN is an opportunity to reduce consulting needs and external training by adopting its self standing system to manage training and industrial research.

QuTE is designed to integrate AI sub-modules Kohonen maps based. They consent to classify the educational plans, to display levels of quality and to generate reports of description and self-evaluation of the didactical design.

QuTE provides for a kit of supporting functions for the economical planning, through the application of Risk Management logics and of principles that consider education as a factor of  operational risk reduction.

Thanks to the different features of QuTE, it is possible to:

1. Update the dababase (putting directly data or uploading files coming from LMS platforms used)

2. Elaborate information according to pattern of analysis and quantitative schedules

3. Create dynamic reports with tabs and graphs connected to the quality dimensions

4. Compare and analyze outcomes of educational designs

5. Set rules and levels of visibility in respect with the organizational needs

6. Create and export patterns to re-design the didactical activities.

The system allows:


1. Setting basic functions of the virtual platform: general data, profiles of users, features of the educational plans, levels of visibility, database input procedures and mainstream communication among modules.


2. Monitoring and evaluating the quality of the educational design through criteria and patterns. The objective is to check the adeguacy, the coherence and the stability of the planning variables


3. Monitoring and evaluating in itinere the delivery activities through the analysis and the test of outputs and research outcomes  .


4. Monitoring and evaluating levels of quality perception through digital customer satisfaction and the comparison with data planning and delivered quality outcomes.


5. Evaluating devices and monitoring systems of educational plans.

















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