Quality in Research and Education of the Digital Citizen

Setting up on the  quality to save on everything else.

DIGIZEN allows institutions to save money through investing on the quality, in three simple steps:

  • 1. Provision of services/products to analyse and measure the quality in training and management

    In particular DIGIZEN focuses on two aspects:


    - the standardisation and the usage of the methodology at the base of the management and measurement system of quality. This system guarantees the rigorous process, correct procedures, complete hypothesis and the balance in the construction of all indicators.


    - The digitalizing of all quality processes, facilitating the self-assessment in the quality management


  • 2. Compliance to international stardards

    DIGIZEN uses tools and services of quality measurement that respect criteria and indicators shared in the European context

  • 3. Optimization of internal processes of an institution

    DIGIZEN guarantees the progressive decrease of costs for analysis and management of quality; it proposes preventive strategies to reduce weaknesses and to improve the effectiveness in education and research.














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