Quality in Research and Education of the Digital Citizen

  • 1. Software

    Sviluppo di software su processi di gestione e misurazione della qualità dei processi/prodotti formativi secondo una duplice prospettiva: lo sviluppo diretto o l’affiancamento aziendale.

  • 2. Services

    Management, coordination and monitoring of the quality in education

  • 3. Consulting

    Consulting about all phases of the educational process (Learning Need Analysis, Instructional Design, Delivery, monitoring and evaluation).

  • 4. Evaluation of competencies

    Design and development of e-content systems and “smart” tools for the evaluation of knowledge, skills and aptitudes.


A man  cannot be judged for whom he is, but for what he could be.







The education and the building up of competencies represent a competitive strategy to reduce the external costs and to commend the human capital.


All services provided by DIGIZEN are structured in 4 macro-levels of intervention:














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